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We love inviting you to visit our far​m, but we do have some policies to ensure the safety of our products, ourselves, and you.

  • If you are ill, please stay home.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times while visiting the farm.

  • Pets ARE NOT ALLOWED TO VISIT. Please leave your pets home. For      their safety and comfort, please do not leave them in your car while you visit. We love pets too but can't permit them on the farm. If you bring a pet, we will ask you to leave, and no refund will be issued.

  • Service animals are permitted but their access to certain areas of the farm will be limited.

  • Tour and class participants must sign a waiver before the start of the program.

  • Please apply spray-on sunscreens and/or insect repellent before you arrive or outside and far away from the growing beds.

  • Stay with your host and do not enter the tall-grass areas or woodland.

  • Do not step into the growing beds. Please prevent children from stepping into the growing beds.

    Farm Visits

    We offer tours and classes to groups by invitation. If you're interested in bringing a group to the farm, please contact Shea to reserve your spot. We usually offer tours during the months of June and July but arrangements for tours in other months can be discussed. Classes can be scheduled throughout the year.

    A little information to prepare you for your tour visit:

    Visiting the farm is a bit like walking through a park. We will meander over mowed paths alongside raised beds full of fragrant herbs. Most of the farm is in full sun and depending on the time of day and year, it can be quite hot. You might consider bringing a sunhat, applying sunscreen before visiting and hydrating. We have drinking water available if you need to refill your water bottle. All sorts of little biting insects occupy the grasses and beds, so I prefer wearing long pants and closed-toed shoes. That's a personal preference and just a recommendation for your comfort. On that note, shoes must be worn at all times. The walking is pretty easy here but there are some small hills to climb, lots of grass, maybe some mud, and gravel. We have a modern restroom and a heated and air-conditioned classroom/retail space for your comfort. 


    About the tour:

    A tour can be one hour or up to three hours depending on questions and level of discussion along the way. There are between 80-100 different species of plants here depending on the time of year. We can discuss traditional uses of the plants we encounter, identifying characteristics, taste, smell, life cycle, harvesting, conservation, there's a lot to cover and the depth of information you want is up to you. Questions are welcome and contribute to the exploration of the herbs you'll encounter. 


    What I ask of you:

    Please wash your hands when you arrive. Touching plants is part of the experience but we want to keep the plants clean.

    * Please listen carefully. I will let you know which plants are safe to touch, smell and maybe even taste. But there are a few       plants here that can bite back (stinging nettle for example) or are not safe to ingest.

    * Please remember that the information you learn on the tour is for educational purposes, not medical advice. Refer your           medical questions to your medical professional.

    * Please stay with the group and host. 

    Arriving at the farm:

    Parking is limited. Please drive slowly down into the barnyard, make a left turn in front of the silver barn, back up and head back up the lane as if you were leaving. Park alongside the west side (right) of the lane. This will help us accommodate the largest number of vehicles.

    Check in at the silver barn. Please let your host know your name and fill out and sign the waiver form.

    The restroom and drinking water are located in the silver barn.

    Ready to schedule a visit?

    If you're interested in a group tour, please contact Shea for further information and fee schedule.

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