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Our mission:

  • Grow potent herbs in a clean, safe, chemical-free environment

  • Deliver our herbs fresh to consumers or dry them quickly to preserve their properties

  • Leave the land better than we found it, build healthy soils, conserve natural resources

  • Provide sanctuary to wild plants, wildlife and pollinators

  • Study the traditional uses of plants and rediscover the lost knowledge of healing with plants

  • Educate our community and the next generation

  • Live in harmony with the seasons and natural rhythms of the earth



Our story starts many years ago. We had a dream to grow exceptional herbs, learn from them, teach others about them and get them out into the world for others to experience.  It took several years to find the right place to grow our dream.  We persisted and finally found a quiet little farmstead tucked in among the rolling hills of the Nebraska prairie.

We've spent our time here building beds and amending soil to suit our plant allies.  All of our crops are grown in soils suited to their needs and without the use of conventional chemicals.  We focus a lot of attention on feeding our healthy soils so we have strong, healthy plants. Healthy plants don't need chemical inputs.  We feel strongly about taking care of the land...not depleting it or poisoning it.  We are conservationists at heart and believe we must be good stewards of the earth.

We start all of our plants in the greenhouse while the wild, icy winds are still blowing outside.  The little seedlings are nurtured in the warmth and then planted out as soon as the conditions are right. We closely monitor the plants and harvest them at their peak.  They are gently and quickly dried on site to maintain their vibrancy, energy and potency.  Some of our plants are cut and delivered fresh to herbal manufacturers, restaurants and home apothecarists in the local area. Our dried herbs are sold in bulk or retail sizes to local tea blenders, clinical herbalists, restaurants and home herbalists. 

Our founder is a formally trained, clinical herbalist with several years working in western and traditional medicine.  She has spent a lifetime tending gardens, learning about and growing medicinal herbs. She teaches regularly at the local herbalism school and hosts classes at the farm.  Her partner is a master designer and builder.  He hand-digs the raised beds and amends all the soil.  He designed and built a first-class drying room as well as a beautiful and efficient work room for the company.  She dreams it up and he brilliantly designs something to make it happen.

Thanks for stopping by.  We hope you’ll keep in touch and check in every so often to see what we’re up to.  You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook too.

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