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New and improved!

Designed and built by a husband of an herbalist who was tired of helping with the "hand pressing" and potato ricer drudgery, this extract press will exponentially increase your pressing efficiency.

Features include:

*Presses up to 1/2 gallon batches quickly and efficiently

*Solid steel construction with a tough powder coat finish, offered in three colors

*Heavy-duty, four ton, hydraulic jack, easily changeable

*All herb/food contact surfaces are stainless steel

*Pressing disk is solid 1/2 inch stainless steel, will not bend

*Spring-loaded return with safety cables

*Handy, jack handle holder on back of press, you'll always be able to find it!

*Custom drilled, food-grade, inner and outer pressing pans

*Food-grade tubing with an easy release clamp, quick cleanup

*Custom lid for receiving the tubing, fits a wide-mouth mason jar

*New and improved with integrated jar holder that pivots with the press always keeping your jar upright!

*Four, solid oak, pressing boards to increase your pressing efficiency

*Custom made, high-tensile, drawstring pressing bag included


This press can be used for pressing herbal tinctures, glycerites, decoctions, fire cider, juices, nutmilks, infused oils, etc! We've been building these presses and working on the design for eight years now. Built right here on the farm by a dedicated and skilled craftsman.


Colors available with this batch include red, blue and black.


Free shipping in the continental USA!




  • Weight, approximately 44 pounds

    Height, 27.5 inches tall

    Width, 11.5 inches wide (17 inches wide with jar holder)

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